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Kudda History

Kudda was founded with the simple goal of helping coaches. We felt that if they did a better job of coaching, the ones who would benefit the most would be their players. Since 2007, Kudda has been the largest online resource for youth coaches, with over 5,500 instructional videos.

Created by Joe Rice, professor in Sports Management at American Public University and American Military University, Kudda has focused on expanding its content by using the best college, high school and club coaches to demonstrate and explain fundamentals.

Joe Rice, President

Joe RiceJoe was a classroom teacher and coach for 20+ years at one of the country’s strongest athletic prep schools. He has coached at all levels and in multiple sports - wherever there was a need. He currently teaches several coaching courses for APU and AMU while juggling his responsibilities in creating more rich content for Kudda. Joe is also the featured coach in the juggling section on Kudda, having been a former student at Ringling Bros Clown College.

While coaching, Joe always had an excellent network of coaches surrounding him. He realized that most youth sports leagues, middle schools, and even high school coaches didn't have this luxury. How could he share this network of great coaches with the masses? Kudda, of course! That vision has evolved into Kudda.com today, being the largest resource for coaching videos on the web.

Kudda Video Library

Before Kudda, the only options for coaches to improve on their coaching was to go to expensive clinics, buy overly priced DVD’s and books. Or in rare cases, be connected to a great coach. What Kudda is, is an online resource of videos to accurately demonstrate proper techniques, drills and plays and the library is continually growing. The library currently contains videos for more than 15 areas related to team sports, fitness, first aid and coaching. We work with nationally recognized, exceptional coaches to develop new, meaningful content on a regular basis.

Coaches can also easily share the vast library of video resources with their players. We want to make it easy to give athletes and new coaches visual examples they can access 24-7. We believe that the learning process never ends for players OR for good coaches, and with learning in mind, Kudda gives coaches the ability to embed the Kudda Video Player on their sites and give players full access to this immense library. Kudda IS the largest video library out there to help you make your team that much better because we all know that coaching really does matter.

Coaching 411

Coaching 411 contains the latest articles, topics and trends related to the field of coaching. Our coaching team shares their thoughts on a wide range of topics to help coaches do a better job.

Kudda Games

Only Kudda Games (formally Kudda Game of the Week) gives you the best broadcasts every week of key HS sports along the Mid-Atlantic region. You can watch all of the featured games for free, along with weekly highlights and articles related to the nation’s toughest HS conferences throughout Maryland, Philly, DC and Virginia…especially when it comes to Lacrosse. Kudda Games is a one-of-a-kind resource for players, families, teams, coaches and recruiters alike because you see real-time film on what the best teams and players are doing to stay on top.

Booker Corrigan, Vice President

Booker Corrigan As a HS athlete, Booker earned varsity letters in 4 different sports (lacrosse, hockey, football, and golf) and then played lacrosse and ice hockey at Roanoke College.

As a grown-up, Booker has been coaching and managing athletes for over two decades including coaching lacrosse at Denison U. and Villanova, as well as at McDonogh in MD and the Collegiate School in VA. He has also coached in the Under Armour All American and Underclassmen Games and for Team USA and USA U-19. He presently coaches the Maryland Roughriders Club program in Baltimore.

As an athlete, Booker is widely considered "the best at something else" in most games he plays. Get a group of Basketball players together and Booker will no doubt be the best Windsurfer among them, gather a group for touch Football, and Booker will no doubt be the most competent Snowboarder of the group and…he also has an uncanny ability to attend formal events without his belt matching his shoes.

As a “real” grown-up, Booker has been the voice of Kudda Game of the Week (now Kudda Games) since 2009. He also serves as the “play by play” voice for college lacrosse and college basketball on ESPNU and ESPN3 and can be heard on CBS Sports radio as host of the Booker Corrigan Show.

Booker has generated a huge following among players, fans, families and coaches alike for his unique broadcast style and countless quotes. Nobody calls it like Booker cause on Kudda Games, “It’s Bastille Day” every day and someone always wins” the Race to Nifty”.

Kudda Advisory Board:

Roy Yarbrough

Wallace Boston
Patrick Nagle
Jack Hardcastle
Dan Rice